My heart hurts. It’s broken into a thousand pieces. I woke this morning happy and fine, I end the day broken.

My cat was killed on the road today and whilst to many people a cat, is just a cat. Mine was part of me, I loved her, she was my family, there every morning and night, she had a cuddle in her whenever you wanted it. She was so cute, the look of a kitten despite being fully grown that made people melt and my god she was soft, several times I wanted to skin her and make a blanket.

She was my little one, the little sister the brother now looks out for, my heart hurts.

To some she was just a cat but to me, she was family. I hope your time with us was happy and I hope that there are many mice for you to chase in kitty heaven.

For many, pets are just pets, but for me, they keep me sane, I cuddle them as I breakdown and question my sanity. OCD is a war and my pets help me win the battles, they’re just as much a part of me as my OCD is.

I’m happy to chat and if you would like to please see the ‘Contact’ tab, however I am not a mental health professional and if you would like this support please see the Support’ tab.

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