To Thailand

Now unless you’ve been living under a rock (please pardon the turn of phrase) you will have now doubt heard about the boys in the cave in Thailand, they ventured in on a bit of trip, the water level rose to the point where they could only go further into the cave and station themselves high and in complete darkness.

The news has come out today that they have all been rescued safe and sound, and what an incredible feat. They have spent days in complete darkness with limited, if any water and supplies, the water level rising all the time and one would assume, in panic.

I can’t imagine the mental strength of theses boys and coach to remain together and calm throughout this time, your mind would undoubtedly shift to the worst outcome, what if no one finds us? What do we do next? Thoughts of family, friends and fear, it would truly be terrifying. With no light, time would bend, unsure of day and night. It’s something we can’t really imagine and would hope would never happen to us or someone we know.

That being said, the story is one of near pure happiness, the boys and their coach have been rescued by the sense of unity and courage of the community and their story has been felt worldwide as one of bravery and hope. Lest we forget Saman Kunan who tragically lost his life during the rescue, and with him our thoughts lie also.

This story helps to show that the mind can endure more than we think, we can be facing the greatest challenges of our lifetime yet we can come out the other side, safe.

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