Friday Feeling

I love Friday, everyone seems happier on a Friday all ready for the weekend having some time to ourselves, this weekend, very simple, a friend’s bbq and some running. You’ll usually find me running, I really dislike the little food belly I have and whilst I seem unable to stop myself enjoying the occasional treat, the best way to get rid of it is exercising so you’ll find me running or at bootcamp. I enjoy it, and would rather be running than doing most other things.

As it is Friday I thought I would share a video I stumbled across yesterday to brighten your weekend. It’s about facing adversity when all seems lost.

Now, I love a cheesy video, they move me tears easily and I’m left feeling all warm and fuzzy inside but they tend to leave little impact as well, they aren’t me. This video did move me to tears and left me warm but I take the message with a pinch of salt, you’ll see the man in the video can see the bright side in everything, he goes through life with a smile despite it seeming to be a cruel hand he has been dealt.

As you can imagine it resonated with me, my hand is mental health problems and whilst we’re treated differently to those with physical health problems, the adversity still exists, we just win the war on different battle fields. They’re both inescapable fights and neither problem will go away if you ‘just stop worrying and smile.’ You can’t smile away amputation, nor can you smile away OCD, but you can work on the problem and learn to live with it, not fight against it. So for your personal enjoyment, please watch the video below.

If you would like to chat, feel free to reach out on my contact page but please remember I am not a mental health professional and if you would like professional help, there are links available on my support tab.

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